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Fresh fun foaming Hand soap, handwash

Fresh fun foaming Hand soap

Fresh fun foaming Hand soap: Foaming soap is one of my favorite things. You get all of the cleaning power
16/08/2018 4
Dirty drain cleaner and refresher, shower-drain

Dirty drain cleaner and refresher

Dirty drain cleaner and refresher: The shower drain gets abused pretty regularly, with dirt, hair, and any number of beauty
24/08/2018 2
Relationship-Saver Toilet Spray, Odor Absorber, How to Quickly Banish Cooking Odors, Natural Ways to Deal with Bathroom Odors

Relationship-Saver Toilet Spray

Relationship-Saver Toilet Spray: This spray helps eliminate bathroom odors that happen during use, and therefore I call it the relationship-saver
28/08/2018 2
Tea tree toilet cleaning powder and gel, How To Clean A Toilet in 3 Minutes, toilet-cleaner

Tea tree toilet cleaning powder and gel

Tea tree toilet cleaning powder and gel: A sparkling-white toilet is something we all strive for, but chemical cleaners with
09/09/2018 2
Tile grout cleaning paste, How do I clean the grout in between my tiles it's really grimy and really dirty and it is hard to clean, grout-cleaning

Tile grout cleaning paste

Tile grout cleaning paste: It’s easy enough to wipe down tiles, but when it comes to grout …well, it’s porous,
18/09/2018 2
Shiny tile floors solution, shiny-tiles

Shiny tile floors solution

Shiny tile floors solution: Ceramic tile floors get just as much dirt and grime buildup and usually have at least
27/09/2018 2
Textured vinyl floors spray, How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Textured vinyl floors spray

Textured vinyl floors spray: Vinyl floors have a habit of getting sticky with the combination of moisture and grime that
08/10/2018 2
Faucet and drain cleaning paste, faucet-cleaner

Faucet and drain cleaning paste

Faucet and drain cleaning paste: Faucet spouts and handles can get some major soap scum and mineral deposits from hard
16/10/2018 2
How to Clean a Mirror, 7 Secrets of Professional Cleaners, mirror-spray-cleaning

Mirror Spray

Mirror Spray: Bathroom mirrors become so quickly streaked with flying toothpaste, lotion, face wash, and the detritus of flossing. You
24/10/2018 2
Daily Bathroom Cleaning Routine, Cleaning Acrylic plastic and glass with soap scum, soap-scum

Cleaning Acrylic plastic and glass with soap scum

Cleaning Acrylic plastic and glass with soap scum: Many insert showers and bathtubs are made from molded acrylic. These are
01/11/2018 2
How to Clean a Bathtub, Porcelain powder for Sink and Bathtub Cleaning, bathtub-cleaning

Porcelain powder for bathtubs and sinks

Porcelain powder for bathtubs and sinks: If you’re lucky enough to have a porcelain bathtub or sink, you’ll want to
07/11/2018 3
Things You Should Know about Mold Mildew, Anti Meldew Spray, mildew

Anti Meldew Spray

Anti Meldew Spray: This spray works for plastic shower curtains liners only. If you have a washable cotton liner with
14/11/2018 2